Kill Corona Virus With Germicidal Lamps

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Ultra violet light emissions in the UV-C Spectrum (200-280nM) kill microorganisms by destroying nucleic acid and DNA


UV-C light has been used since 1910 for water purification and other

sanitising duties



UV-C Light disinfection is fast, does not use chemicals and can be used on all surfaces, hard or soft.

On Stage Solutions are experts in stage lighting. Since 2011 we've also provided LED lighting conversions for classrooms, sports halls and offices. 


With a wealth of technical and practical knowledge and an army of trusted suppliers we have formulated a range of packages to help reduce the risk from the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) by suppyling and installing UV-C Germicidal Lighting fixtures.



With rental sales and install options availble email or call us to find out more